Sword of Damocles Patch/ Backpatch

$5.00 - $20.00
  • Sword of Damocles Patch/ Backpatch

š•¬š–‡š–”š–›š–Š, š–œš–š–Šš–—š–Š š–˜š–Šš–†š–™š–Šš–‰ š–Žš–“ š–š–Žš–˜ š–™š–”š–œš–Šš–—,
š•“ š–˜š–†š–œ š•®š–”š–“š––š–šš–Šš–˜š–™ š–‰š–Šš–•š–Žš–ˆš–™š–Šš–‰ š–Žš–“ š–š–Žš–˜ š–•š–”š–œš–Šš–—
š•æš–š–Šš–—š–Š š–œš–†š–˜ š–† š–˜š–š–†š–—š–•š–Šš–“š–Šš–‰ š–˜š–œš–”š–—š–‰ š–†š–‡š–”š–›š–Š š–š–Žš–˜ š–š–Šš–†š–‰...
š•æš–š–†š–™ š–š–šš–“š–Œ š–™š–š–Šš–—š–Š š–‡š–ž š–™š–š–Š š–™š–š–Žš–“š–“š–Šš–˜š–™ š–˜š–Žš–’š–•š–‘š–Š š–™š–š–—š–Šš–†š–‰.
-ā„­š”„š”žš”²š” š”¢š”Æ

This patch is screen printed on raw-edged black heavyweight cotton fabric and is available as either a small 6 x 6 inch patch or a 13 x 13 inch large back patch.

Note: patches do not have iron-on backings.